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30 August 2014 @ 01:43 pm
When I was a kid I had a few go-to movies. One of them was Dirty Dancing. The other? Was La Bamba. I think I watched that movie a million times growing up. I would walk around singing the Ritchie Valens song “Donna” all the time. I love, love LOVED it.

So when First Contact Conventions announced a few weeks ago that they had managed to secure a very last minute Sunday night convention with the one and only Lou Diamond Philips, I couldnt have been more excited.Collapse )

In conclusion, The King and I, especially Lou Diamond Philips gets a big thumbs up from me. Thanks, Lou for giving me a great couple of weeks.
09 January 2014 @ 01:39 pm
So ... I’ve been bitchy and mopey and snappy since the New Year started. It wasn’t the most ideal way to start the year but I found myself in the dentist chair on the 2nd of Jan. Now let me just say I have a very big fear (as most people do) of the dentist and I actually hadn’t been since I was in primary school.

My tooth was broken and I figured it needed to come out. I knew I had another bad tooth on the other side that would need to be pulled out even more than the one I was currently there for, only it has never given me any pain.

I was nervous as hell. The dentist tells me that the tooth is bad but they can save it with a Root Canal which will cost a minimum $2000.00. I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t have $2000.00 just lying around. I opted to get it taken out. While I was in there doing that she as expected told me the other bad tooth would simply need to come out and that I had two impacted Wisdom Tooth that needed to come out. Oh and Plus a few fillings that needed to be done. I mean I guess it could have been worse considering how long I have not been to the dentist but this news did not make me happy. Not to mention the fact that the tooth that was pulled left me in more pain than it ever game me when it was still lodged in my gum.

It’s fine now. Well it’s still healing but I am getting use to eating on that side again and it is feeling less and less weird. But I have this sick feeling in my gut at the thought of going back and doing that all over again, not to mention having to be put under to get my wisdom out. Puts me in freak out mode.

But you know? This is life. It’s not all fun and laughter and sometimes it makes you go through things that you don’t want to do. And to be honest if going through with all this prevents even worse trouble in the future – which is kind of the point – I guess I’ll suck it up and deal because in the grand scheme of things. My life is still pretty good and going to the dentist and losing a couple of teeth is nothing compared to what some people are going through right now. I should be thankful that for the most part I am pretty healthy and can get even healthier with a little bit of effort. I know people that are facing down a death sentence and it breaks my heart. I need to stop moaning about it and just deal.

Besides, my 2014 hasnt started off all that bad. That very weekend I headed out on a Road Trip with 9 of my friends. We all met in Geelong at a friend’s house and then hit the road in three cars, visiting Torquay, Bells Beach, Light House in Aireys Inlet and Angelsea. It picked up my spirits immensely to be surrounded by these amazing girls that I am lucky enough to call friend. To laugh and joke and to see how beautiful parts of my country really is.

Now I’m looking forward to heading out to Ballarat with those same girls to go back in time to the Gold Rush and the Renaissance era :) Good distraction for my tooth problems.
25 November 2013 @ 11:11 am
I remember when I was back in High School and I’d had the bright idea to stay up all night at my best friend’s house. My Mum normally didn’t let me sleep over friend’s houses on a school night so she warned me that I was to get to sleep at a decent hour. We ended up staying up all night ... literally. I remember seeing the light of a new day approach and feeling that cold tiredness come over me that screamed I needed sleep. I, of course, couldn’t go to sleep because I had school that day. We made a packed that we wouldn’t tell her Mum or my Mum about the fact we had stayed up all night and my best friend tried to convince me to stay home and fake a sicky. I am a terrible liar and it was my stupid fault to stay up all night with her (she didn’t have school that day) so I would suck it up and go to school and made her promise not to tell either of our Mum’s.  That day at school was SO hard. I thought I was fine. If I was actively doing something I WAS fine but when I wasn’t, like in English when the teacher told us to get out the Novel we had been studying I was dismayed to find that I couldn’t read it properly because the words were all blurring together in my tired brain. I spent the whole class praying the teacher wouldn’t ask me to read because I honestly, and literally, couldn’t read the words.

I got home and of course my Mother somehow found out anyway. I was grounded and I was actually too tired to care.

This is how I feel this morning to a lesser extent LOL

My Best Friend and myself are attempting to write a book together. When we get together we use those moments for planning, plotting, editing, brainstorming. We haven’t done this for a while due to me being overseas so we set aside this past weekend to put in some real time on it. It also happened to be the same weekend as the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who special episode. They were airing it live at 6.50am on Sunday morning. So we decided to make the ultimate sleep sacrifice and not sleep at all. We spent the night working on the book, were still up when the episode aired and then later that afternoon on Sunday we went into the city on no sleep to catch up with the girls. By the time I got home? It was late and I was stuffed.

This morning is when it really hit me. I woke up to the alarm and thought oh my god. I didnt want to go to work. Two Days with no sleep, a normal 8 hours just doesn’t cut it. I felt like I did that day when I had to go to school after pulling an all nighter. I think it’s safe to say that I wont be having a late night tonight.

The lack of sleep was worth it, though. The scheming that happened for our book made me happy as we finally moved forward with some progress and I am super excited again about what lays ahead and Doctor Who was amazing.

Doctor Who. I honestly never thought I would someone who could say “I love Doctor Who.” Before I met my best friend through the TV Show Supernatural, I didnt want anything to do with Doctor Who. All I had ever seen was the older series with their ridiculous props and costumes and Tom Baker’s crazy eyes. I thought it was stupid. But then I met Lisa (Angelustatt) and she was a massive fan, a Whovian. I still didnt really care for it but I started to learn about it because when someone you love happens to love something that much you cannot help but learn stuff.

Then I caught Christopher Eccelston and Billie Piper on some show on cable and it caught my attention. It wasn’t bad, Christopher was sarcastic and quirky and I was enjoying it. Then I realised I was watching the first episode of the re-invented series of Doctor Who. The Ninth Doctor. I was surprised because my view on Doctor Who had been coloured by that crazy Doctor and his ridiculous props. Slowly I allowed Lisa to educate me on Doctor Who to the point where I didnt mind the show.

Then David Tennant (The Tenth Doctor) left and this young guy called Matt Smith became the Doctor and I thought who is this idiot. He isn’t David Tennant. Even Lisa wasn’t sure about this guy and he dubbed him “The Weirdo Doctor.” But soon enough between Matt Smith’s adorable antics and his companions Amy and Rory, Lisa fell in love with the new Doctor and I thought she was nuts. But then I watched him and slowly over the last three years I couldn’t help but see what she saw. Matt Smith is a brilliant Doctor. And now it is his time to leave. After this weekend my love for the show and all things Doctor Who has been cemented. Now, I have falling prey to the awesomeness of the Doctor. Now, when Matt is about to leave us as the Doctor. I have a habit of getting into things when they are over with and then regret all the time lost. I haven’t been a Who fan long but I will certainly miss Matt Smith as The Doctor. Peter Calpaldi (The new Doctor) has big, big Shoes to fill coming after so many amazing Doctors. I think he has the chance to do it. I am at least reserving judgement until I see him as The Doctor. I won’t make the same mistake I made with Matt Smith.

So there you have it. I am a Doctor Who fan. I am now getting to play catch up. I want to watch the previous Doctors, I want to get familiar with Peter Davison’s Doctor especially and am deeply gutted that I missed meeting him last year. You succeeded, Lisa ... you got me hooked. Now as Rob Lloyd described, I sit here and say to you, “Tell me all you know about Doctor Who.”

So now I will take my can of mother (Yes, I am drinking a unhealthy energy drink before midday Monday morning LOL) and concentrate as best I can on work and get a good night with lots of awesome stuff to dream about.

21 November 2013 @ 04:29 pm
I am not a gamer. Dont get me wrong, I like playing video games but I have a poor attention span with most games and I don’t have the time. I am a geek. I love TV and Movies and I fangirl and I write FanFiction and make Music Videos. That takes up most of my spare time.

Then I bought “The Last Of Us” on the PlayStation 3. Beware there are MAJOR SPOILERS inside this cut!! And MAJOR FEELS!!!Collapse )

What a ride!

Sequel!!!! I DEMAND IT!!!!!!

12 November 2013 @ 05:09 pm
I have been back home in Melbourne, Australia for six days now and I can definitely tell you that I am SO happy to be home. But not only that, I am so happy that I decided to come home a few days earlier than originally planned. Instead of having only one day off before I went back to work, I ended up giving myself a week. I needed it … so badly.

So I am home and I am enjoying relaxing. I am enjoying driving my car again and seeing my family and my amazing friends who all jumped at the chance to catch up with me since I have been home. I feel truly blessed to have some pretty terrific people in my life that give a shit about me. It’s a nice feeling.

Speaking of friends? I need to take a moment to thank the people that made my USA holiday. Travelling the country was fantastic but if it hadn’t been for the friends that spent time with me and allowed me into their lives, it wouldn’t have been half as fantastic as it turned out to be.Collapse )
04 November 2013 @ 07:45 am
Supernatural is a TV show about two brothers who come from Lawrence, Kansas and their life was uprooted by evil and destiny. It’s a story about two brothers that hunt evil and save the world every season. But most importantly it is a show about family. That family extends past Dean and Sam Winchester and into the whole fandom. The people I have met through this show are situated all over the world and I count them as some of the closest friends I have. In the grand scheme of things? It is one of the main motivations for this trip to the United States of America. Sure, it’s been great to see the country and experience different things but for the most part? It’s been about the people, the friends I have made over the years since Mary Winchester burst into flames above her son’s bed all those years ago.

I might have made these friends through the common interest and love for a TV show but the bond has only grown stronger and I cannot express how much I love these people that have become like a second family. You all know who you are :)Collapse )

So I guess when I think about it, I only really have one full day left in Lawrence as Tuesday evening I fly out to Dallas Texas on the first leg of my journey home. It’s hard to believe that this journey is almost over and at the same time I think I am definitely ready for sleeping in my own bed.
01 November 2013 @ 02:17 am
So when I originally planned this trip to the states I was going to be leaving for Lawrence Kansas to stay with my friend Gaelic a week before Creation’s Supernatural convention. For those who don’t know me all that well, I attend a lot of conventions for various actors and TV shows. It’s kind of a massive hobby of mine. I have attended a lot of Hub Production’s Supernatural Conventions and met the main stars Jared, Jensen and Misha and many of the guest stars and smaller stars. A lot of my friends go to Chicago for Creation’s convention and I knew that my friend Carol would be going. I had considered the timing of it all but decided that I would give it a miss. It was a week out and it would cost a whole heap of extra money that I didn’t know if I would had. Besides, I had met Jared and Jensen once already so I didn’t NEED to go, right? Wrong. After having been at the con all weekend I realise how wrong that was.

Supernatural is the best family ...Collapse )

Right now I am chilling in Lawrence, Kansas with Gaelic and her family which to be honest, I think is the perfect end to my trip. Gaelic is one of the first main supernatural friends I made through my fanfiction and I feel like I have known her and her family online for years. It’s nice to meet people in person finally … and really? Ending in Dean and Sam Winchester’s home town? Priceless after the weekend I just had LOL
31 October 2013 @ 06:00 am
Before I started out on my journey in the United States I promised myself I was going to write a travel journal to document my experiences. I wanted to do this as much to let my friends and family know what was happening but also so that I have something to look back on. This has probably been my longest, most active holiday I have ever taken and I can safely say that finding the time and the energy to sit down and write a travel journal is a lot harder than it sounds.

In a Nutshell!!!!Collapse )

Coming up next … The Supernatural Convention *happysigh*